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Future wagtail group trips include:

Churchill on Hudson Bay- Fly into Churchill by private plane. Travel out of Churchill to observe and photograph tundra and subarctic species of birds.

Bird a couple of provinces in Canada and explore select areas of Idaho and Montana.

California Coastal Areas- Travel from Monterey, CA north to the Oregon state line. This trip would also include a pelagic trip offshore.


Black Crowned Night Heron

American Goldfinch

Wagtail Senior Birding Club
November 17, 2007

Dave Faintich
June, 2008

In Memoriam

David Faintich, one of the original, mainstay members of the Wagtail Senior Birding Club passed away on Oct. 16, 2009. He was our primary trip planner and always took great pride in working out all the details of our out of state and in state bird finding adventures. He would spend hours before trips researching the internet and various birding journals to make sure that we went to the best hotspots to find new species.

Dave was there in SE Arizona to see the Elegant Trogon, and along the Rio Grande River in So. Texas to watch the Brown Jay. In Florida it was the rare White Wagtail and the last five (5) Smooth Billed Anis left in the U.S.

He was a wonderful family man, sports fan, and a very talented birder and photographer. He will certainly be missed but will never be forgotten.

Wagtail Senior Dinner at Spiros Restaurant
November 15, 2009

Wagtail Senior Dinner at Houlihans Restaurant
October 25th, 2015