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Recent Lifers

2004 Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Aplomado Falcon
White-Collared Seedeater
Tropical Parula Warbler
Gray Crowned Yellow Throat
Hook-Billed Kite
Clay colored Robin
Audubon's Oriole

2005 Southeast Arizona
Elegant Trogon
Violet Crowned Hummingbird
Whiskered Screech Owl
Grace's Warbler

2006 Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Red Billed Pigeon
Brown Jay
White Tailed Hawk
Least Grebe
Tamaulipas Crow

2007 South Florida
Black Hooded Parakeet
White Wagtail (State record for Florida)
Short Tailed Hawk
Bachman's Sparrow
Snail Kite
White Crowned Pigeon
Black Capped Petrel
Yellow Chevroned Parakeet
White Winged Parakeet
Mitred Parakeet
Red Whiskered Bulbul
Spot breasted Oriole
Purple Swamp Hen
Shiny Cowbird
Hill Myna
Common Myna

2007 Bar Harbor Maine
Sooty Shearwater

2008 Sax-Zim Bog Minnesota
American Three-Toed Woodpecker
Hoary Redpoll

2008 Rocky Mountains (CO,WY, UT )
Clark's Grebe
Gray Flycatcher
Dusky Flycatcher
Hammond's Flycatcher

2009 North Dakota
Bairds Sparrow

2010 Oregon State
Pelagic Cormorant
Rhinoceros Auklet
TriColored Blackbird
Red Breasted Sapsucker
Townsend's Warbler
Spotted Owl





























If you are a serious birder, you maintain a list of birds you have observed.

My life list has grown by "leaps and bounds" in recent years as I have made several trips to birding hotspots. As of April, 2020, my life list of North American Birds totals 686 species. This list is too extensive to show on this website, but on this page I list the new lifers I have added in the past several years. I have travelled to most of the US states including Alaska. Also, I have birded in Canada, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, adding several hundred more species from those countries.

Because I consider myself an excellent nest finder, I also maintain a life list of nests of North American species I have found in various places. Currently my life nest list has 405 North American species. I also have found a good number of nests of foreign birds while traveling.

Finally, since my wife and I moved to a new home in the woods in the Spring of 2005, I have kept a list of species seen on our 4.2 acres. Currently this property list has 123 species and growing.

Golden Crowned Sparrow (Linn, MO)
White winged Scoter (RMBS St Charles, MO)
Green Parakeet (McAllen, TX)
Red Crowned Parrot (Mercedes, TX)

Long Tailed Duck (RMBS St Charles, MO)
Surf Scoter (RMBS Alton, IL)

Rufous Winged Sparrow (So AZ)
Black Chinned Sparrow (So AZ)
Hutton's Vireo (Mt Lemmon, AZ)
Olive Warbler (Mt Lemmon, AZ)

2013 Idaho
Harlequin Duck
Dusky Blue Grouse
Barrow's Goldeneye

Gray Vireo (Mt Ord, AZ)
Rosy Faced Lovebird (Phoenix, AZ)

Red Knot (RMBS St Charles, MO)

Ivory Gull (Quincy, IL)
Long Tailed Jaeger (Horseshoe Lake, IL)

Black Tailed Gull (Carlyle Lake, IL)
LeContes Thrasher (Buckeye, AZ)
Bells Sparrow (Buckeye, AZ)
Sabines Gull (RMBS St Charles, MO)

Philadelphia Vireo (Wildwood, MO)

Black Capped Gnatcatcher (Buckeye, AZ)
Roadside Hawk (Freeport, TX)
Seaside Sparrow (Texas City, TX)
Red Phalarope (RMBS St Charles, MO)

Cassins Sparrow (Lamar, CO)
Smith's Longspur (St Peters, MO)

Hudsonian Godwit (No. St Louis Co., MO)